Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Grandma Book--Freeda Rose Moody 1933-1998

You were born in the evening of January 27th, just before dark. Mama was confined in Grandma Laura May's living room bed. (In those days everyone had a bed in the living room.) I remember us older kids walking around the house trying to peek in the windows, but all the blinds were pulled down. Finally you were born and the Doctor left so we all got to come in and see you. Then Grandma Miller came down and stayed a week or so to help out. We stayed at Thatcher about 2 months before we went back home to the little farm in Ashhurst. --Aunt Ruby
Dad got out of the hospital, but his right leg had to be amputated. He got an artificial leg and was learning to walk on it at the same time Freeda was learning to walk. Things were not going well for Dad. He was very discouraged and about to give up and just use crutches. When he walked, he had to throw the artificial leg way out to the side in order to hobble along. when he turned around, there was Freeda, following behind and throwing her leg out too.
Mother used to tell about the time all of the kids were down for a nap and she went in to check, and guess who's muddy little feet were sticking out from under the covers! --Uncle Tom

I was asked to give a poem for Mothers Day in Sunday School. It said:
Mother's fingers fashion wonders,
Make a cake or mend a tear
Cover books or help with numbers
Doing tasks everywhere
Children read of fairy stories,
Of the deeds of Elf and gnome
And looking at the pictures
Quite forget things done at home.
As I said the last words "done at home" I was already jumping off the stage and heading back to my chair--much to the dismay of the teacher and embarrassment of my family.